Apps in Development

The Let’s Go Skills Center current strategic plan focuses on proving the impact our educational applications have on adult learners with disabilities. Designing for impact involves thorough research, thoughtful design and comprehensive implementation and support of educational applications. Let’s Go Skills believes that this is central to achieving a desired sustainable impact. Provision of and access to technology alone does not guarantee such impact.

By making the Lets Go Skills suite of applications available online and for download to mobile or iPad once they are designed, developed and tested, and by promoting and supporting their use across training centers, it is envisaged that the impact will be transformative and inspirational.

Collaborative solutions like the Let’s Go Skills innovation project can make the digital economy more inclusive for users with special needs.

This Let’s go Skills initiative will equip those most at risk of being shut out of the labour market through co-design workshops to shape the knowledge economy. Current apps in the Let’s Go suite of applications include presently in design and in prototype development include: