Let’s Be Safe

The literature reveals that bullying for vulnerable users online is a pervasive problem. It is clear that there is a requirement for educational cybersafety resources targeted at this population. This research project is an eLearning application called Let’s Be Safe for SEN users. The application’s aim is to enable inclusion for this user group by innovatively teaching how to stay safe online.

Based on research, a prototype application is being designed, developed and tested, specifically for vunerable adults. Let’s Be Safe is a multiplatform application, being developed at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT). It focuses on a broad range of skills to protect against bullying and cyberbullying. It is an information and resource tool that focuses on topics such as: What is Bullying, Choice and Control, Safety settings, Tech Tips, and Disablist Bullying.

The design and prototyping is being carried out using co-design workshops and user-centred analysis in IADT and implemented in a participatory manner. Participants will be observed using the technology. Various suggestions for improvement will help future versions of the application. Usability evaluation tests will be conducted to evaluate if the final application is usable by persons with ID.