Let’s Go Skills is an eLearning platform with a desktop and iPad suite of instructional applications, being developed at the Institute of Art, Design and Technology  (IADT), that focuses on a broad range of life skills that promote independence and training for employment.

These applications focus on various life skills like money management,independent travel, cyber safety and managing social interactions. There are very few projects like this in Ireland, apart from the EU funded Vodafone Mefacilyta project with St John of God services, which focuses on rehabilitative tasks and the ASSISTID  EU funded project for postdoctoral researchers.


The aim at Let’s Go Skills is to encourage people with cognitive impairments ,learning difficulties and  special educational needs(SEN) to fully engage with all types of modern devices and applications to train them for the workplace. We design for inclusivity with exposure to as many different types of applications that are co-designed.

This innovation aims to find out if individuals with cognitive impairments can benefit from these new tools to help make learning more engaging and to encourage independence.  It is envisaged that some of the proposed project findings could be applied to areas like dementia and other neuro-developmental disorders.See our Apps in Development page for recent apps in production.

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Collaborative solutions will reduce inequality for this user group. The aim to make learning valuable skills easier to promote independence and to promote employ-ability skills. Focus groups are conducted to evaluate if the applications are friendly for users. Participants are observed using the technology. Various suggestions for improvement help future versions of the Let’s Go Skills innovation make the digital economy more inclusive for this user groups.