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Let’s Go skills partners Marian McDonnell and Dr Irene Connolly attended and presented at the  2nd International DisAbuse Seminar on the 9th of March in ISCTE-IUL in Lisbon.

Partners from all countries presented alongside the Ana Sofia Antunes – Portuguese State Secretary of Inclusion of People with Disabilities, Carla Moleiro – Director of CIS-IUL, ISCTE-IUL and prestigious guests from the Portuguese Association of Disabled People; APPACDM – The Portuguese Association of Parents and Friends of the Mentally Disadvantaged Citizen and Pró-Inclusão the National Association of Teachers of Special Education.

The focus of the Seminar was current Research and Best Practice cross-nationally, reflecting the first project aim of DisAbuse. The multi-lingual version of the DisAbuse website and content management system in English, Portuguese, Spanish & Italian, which was developed by the team at IADT,  was launched.



One of the main aims of the DisAbuse Project is to give SEN/D individuals voice in how the issue of disablist bullying is addressed and tackled, and amongst the guests were future participants/evaluators for the pilot testing phase of DisAbuse’s course work. As part of this, the floor was opened for an affective, instructive and emotive discussion of the bullying experiences of SEN/D individuals and those who care and work with them, underlying the value of the work being done by the project, and the necessity of directly involving those who it aims to help. You can follow the DisAbuse Facebook Page at This Link

When invited speakers finished their presentations at the conference, participants at the 2nd DisAbuse session to counter disablist bullying engaged in discussion about bullying among SEN/D individuals and what needs to be done.

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