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Lets Go Centre are a member of GATE( Global Cooperation on Assistive Health Technology )


The Lets Go Centre are a member of GATE( Global Cooperation on Assistive Health Technology )

During the United Nations General Assembly on Disability and Development (HLMDD) on 23 September 2013, key stakeholders at the side event, Assistive Technology Opens Doors, requested that WHO develop and lead a global initiative to realize several articles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) related to the provision of Assistive Technology; specifically article 32 – International cooperation on Assistive Technology.

To realize this mandate, WHO has agreed to develop a Flagship programme – Global Cooperation on Assistive Health Technology (GATE) in partnership with the Assistive Health Technology (AHT) stakeholders representing international organizations, donor agencies, professional organizations, academia and consumer groups.

GATE initiative has only one goal – to improve access to high-quality affordable Assistive Health Products, responding to the call to increase access to essential, high-quality, safe, effective and affordable medical products, one of the six WHO leadership priorities.

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CHAT initiatives


Let’s Go Skills joined another great CHAT online meeting this morning.

We learned that Age Action had a joint project with the Red Cross to fund technology for older people, but unfortunately it closed last week as demand outstripped funding but might be worthwhile keeping an eye on it to see if it reopens

We heard about the Alone Connect  initiative. See

This CHAT forum is very interesting and  has very helpful sessions.

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Chat online Initiative


CHAT had a great online meeting this morning.  CHAT aims to facilitate and create opportunities amongst people to learn from each other in an atmosphere that supports equality, collective and individual sharing. This makes the most of people’s expertise to identify better challenges, gaps and to consider solutions regarding AT.

Chat has a national membership of over 200 people and organisations. This includes people with disabilities (expert and non-expert AT users), AT practitioners, researchers, educators, service providers, developers, suppliers and other interested parties.

Different member organisations host each CHAT gathering. To date, CHAT has been hosted by the Deaf Village, Enable Ireland, University College Dublin Access Centre and The National Council of the Blind in Ireland, St. John of God and Childvision. As such, gatherings are co-created by those involved and as participants share knowledge. This morning, we are all thinking together how to support AT users during COVID 19  and working horizontally across and beyond the disability sector.